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Below are a few unique data capabilities launched this year by Vodafone that benefit our Enterprise Mobility customers.

Optima For Enterprises
Optima accelerates Company-Owned and Company-Paid (COCP) postpaid connectivity through a proposition that offers enterprise customers spend control, predictability and visibility, and allows subscribers the convenience and flexibility of prepaid to address their individual needs. Expense control and individual recharge capability and flexibility appease the individual end user and are benefits traditionally associated with prepaid. Bill and tax rebates, fixed inbuilt benefits, bill capping and business continuity through CUG even after inbuilt benefits are exhausted are traditional postpaid benefits. Optima provides all of these, and hence is a perfect hybrid between postpaid and prepaid.

Reload that enables the COCP user base to directly purchase packs online. This transaction is completed directly with the employee and does not interfere with the company or the current contract in place. Benefits to the company are: (i) no impact to existing contract; (ii) no additional cost to company; (iii) no change to current billing. Benefits to the end employee are: (i) it enables users to buy additional packs like data that may not be included in the company-paid connection; (ii) billing is completed online by end user; (iii) employee is liable for purchase and does not have to depend on the company.

SuperNet 4G For Business
This is the world’s largest 4G network that delivers high-speed mobile Internet to enterprises across India for a seamless and effortless communication experience. The ultra-fast download and upload speeds help customers to respond to business needs swiftly and efficiently, and the seamless connectivity ensures uninterrupted productivity. The 4G data speeds across IoT and mobility empowers enterprises as diverse as BFSI, manufacturing, automotive, pharmaceuticals and retail.  The rich content experience provided through Vodafone Play app, the unique Netflix offering, Vodafone Games, and Magzter delivers unlimited options and provides a unique value-add for customers.

Private APN With URL Whitelisting
Enterprises across industries are rapidly deploying field force, sales forces and other enterprise applications on tablets and smart phones. This has led to a demand for a secure connectivity solution coupled with an agile deployment. As an industry first, Vodafone offers URL whitelisting on Private APN, which helps enterprises with a secure connectivity. The solution ensures that only approved web addresses that are relevant to the customer’s business are made accessible while all other addresses are blocked. It is a network based solution that ensures a particular web portal or application is whitelisted at the URL level as against the IP level thus giving enterprises ability and flexibility to deploy in a distributed architecture minimising configuration steps.

Vodafone Managed Mobility Services
A one-of-a-kind solution for enterprise customers to manage their end-to-end mobility operations. This innovative solution is designed to improve the productivity of the enterprise workforce and reduce the total cost of ownership. The services include the entire gamut to address any enterprise’s unique needs, from Device Selection and Procurement, Staging and Kitting, Secure Network Connectivity, Mobile Device Management and After-Sales Service. These are available for mobile phones and tablets on a fully-assisted managed service model or in a simple self-serve model.